The Weimar Republic (1918 to 1933), was the freest state on German soil; a wild era characterized by disruption, crisis and cultural brilliance. It was also the most important period of German cinema, a time full of wonders and invention.

The aesthetic foundations were laid for the “seventh art”; Weimar’s directors like Murnau, Lang, Lubitsch, Pabst, Wilder, Sternberg and Ruttmann are still legendary today, their stars Marlene Dietrich, Louise Brooks, Emil Jannings and Conrad Veidt are unforgotten, and films like Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, Metropolis, M, People on Sunday, BerlinSymphony of a Metropolis and Blue Angel unfold their unique aura.

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  • Rating:15+ IFF
  • Country:Germany
  • Year:2014
  • Duration:114 minutes
  • Language:Germany and English with subtitles
  • Director:Rüdiger Suchsland
  • Starring:Fatih Akin, Elisabeth Bronfen, Vilker Schlöndorff
  • With thanks to Eureka Entertainment