In May 1970, Steve McQueen, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars as well as being arguably the coolest man on the planet, flew to France to begin work on the film that meant more to him than any other… Le Mans.

He began by filming in and around the actual race, capturing priceless footage. Visually it all looked amazing but coming up with a compelling narrative around the racing action proved to be less Steve’s thing and the production began to encounter many difficulties. Steve had wanted this to be the greatest racing movie of all time but the end result was a commercial and critical flop and his career was never quite the same afterwards.

This fascinating documentary is the story of how one of the most volatile, charismatic stars of his generation, who seemingly lost so much he held dear in the pursuit of his dream, nevertheless followed it to the end.

When you’re racing, it’s life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

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  • Country:USA/UK
  • Year:2015
  • Duration:112 minutes
  • Directors:Gabriel Clarke, John McKenna
  • Starring:Steve McQueen, Chad McQueen, John Sturges
  • With thanks to The Works UK Distribution