Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu reunite onscreen after 35 years for this new drama from the director of The Nun.

Dépardieu and Huppert play an estranged couple that reunites in California’s Death Valley as per the instructions in their son’s suicide note. He gives them specific sites to go to on certain days and at certain times. If they do so, he writes, he will meet them there.

Uncertain of what it all means, they go along with it, fuelled by guilt and a hope for a sense of closure.

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  • Rating:15+ IFF
  • Country:France/Belgium
  • Year:2015
  • Duration:91 minutes
  • Language:French and English with subtitles
  • Director:Guillaume Nicloux
  • Starring:Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Depardieu